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Published: 25th May 2012
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Everyone wants their content posted to Wikipedia. Google and Yahoo love Wikipedia content and index it as soon as something is posted. This makes it enticing for people to post content as they can earn credibility and one of the most valuable backlinks possible on the internet. You may think that you do not need a professional Wikipedia writer as anyone can post content to Wikipedia. It is as simple as opening a free account and the click “edit.” It does not cost anything and it is an open source forum so you can contribute just about anything. However, there are a few reasons why you should consider hiring a professional Wikipedia writer as opposed to writing the content on your own.

When wanting to publish content to Wikipedia, a professional Wikipedia writer will help ensure that your content is of the quality needed to be on Wikipedia. Although anyone can post information, a professional Wikipedia writer will construct your content with accurate information and support it with references. This is needed in order to ensure that your content is not deleted. There are many policies and guidelines that need to be followed when posting content to Wikipedia. Failing to follow just one of them can lead to deletion of your content. However, a professional Wikipedia writer understands these policies and can post your content in the manner needed to ensure that the content remains.

Wikipedia is full of experienced writers, editors, and administrators. There are also many who are inexperienced but still have editor and admin rights. These editors often delete content without fully looking into the supporting references. There are a number of reasons why they do this but the consensus among good administrators is that they are teen or pre-teen editors who do not fully understand objectivity and want to instill their opinions (or delete content that they do not like) simply because the content does not support their point of view on a subject. A professional Wikipedia writer is able to write your content so that it does not hit the radar of these types of editors and administrators and will increase the chance of your content staying posted.

Guidelines and policies are important to having content posted on Wikipedia and a professional Wikipedia writer is familiar with them all. An example of a guideline that needs to be followed is that of nobility. An article cannot be created on Wikipedia unless it is notable. This means that a website cannot have an article on Wikipedia simply because it is the largest of its kind. It needs to have something that sets it apart from other websites in that niche. A professional Wikipedia writer knows what will make an article notable and will find and source the supporting information in order to get the content posted without deletion.

Style and formatting is also important to getting your content posted on Wikipedia. Although anyone can add content, simply typing additional information into an article will not suffice. A professional Wikipedia writer knows that writing style that must be used for different article types and can write your content in a similar manner. This is important as it will also help to keep your information posted. An editor who sees that new content is posted in a format that is commonly used by expert content contributors will normally pass up the content without even reviewing it (which means there is less of a chance of having it deleted).

Another guideline that is often not followed by novice Wikipedia contributors is that of citing sources to support the content that is posted. A professional Wikipedia writer will search the internet, books, periodicals, etc. to find supporting citations to add to your content. The more reputable sources of information that support your content, the less likely that your article or content will be deleted. As Wikipedia is an “encyclopedia’ of information, it is important that it remains accurate. Citing sources is one way to do such and a professional Wikipedia writer will cite the correct sources to support your content.

Posting content to Wikipedia can be done by anyone; however, it is recommended that you hire a professional Wikipedia writer to create the content for you. They know the guidelines of Wikipedia and can create your content to conform to Wikipedia standards. If you want an article or content posted, hiring a professional Wikipedia writer will help ensure that your content is posted correctly and leaves little chance of it being deleted.

About the author: Legalmorning offers professional article writing services and is a professional Wikipedia writer.

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